Four Mistakes You Should Not Make When Donating to Charities


The spirit of giving has always been welcomed in many communities as it uplifts different people who that may be unfortunate. People do not always give because they have plenty to offer but they alternatively give because they understand how lacking feels. It is only through nurturing the spirit of philanthropism that society can get scholarships and other forms of help. Societies are also allowed to donate to non-profit companies which in turn help disadvantaged communities in a global scale. After setting up your mind to donate to different charities of your choice, these are the donation blunders Timothy Iberger advises you not to make.

Not knowing how it affects your taxes

Never should you turn down the receipt of donation that an organization gives to you after you make a donation. The receipt can go a long way to making your life easier in different aspects like tax paying. The government only needs to know that you itemize your giving and use the receipt to give you tax relief. You will however miss out on such opportunities when you are a giver but never want to get acknowledged for it or even take a receipt. Your auditor will have to go through your receipts to fit in the same expenses if you are to be relieved.

Offering what charities do not want

For most charities any type if donation counts however the most needed items are often listed for the philanthropists to see. If you are not well versed with what they need why not communicate to them prior to the donation just to make sure that their objectives and your support are in sync. Most charity firms inform their supporters of the progress and that can motivate you even more to donate knowing that you are changing the life of someone around the planet.

Poor choice of charity organization

When looking to donate, there are lots of organizations that one can donate to. Have you however paused to wonder whether the organization is a legit charity company? There have been cases before of frauds posing as charity organization and without through scrutiny one could easily fall into the set trap. You need to scrutinize some of their past projects; the areas they have reach in and even talk to some of the well-wishers that have donated to the organization in the past. This research mitigates the possibility of donating to a group of scammers.

Ignoring local organization

There is no mistake in donating to renowned charities all around the world but what are you doing to support charity organizations locally? Since charity begins at home, the local organizations need to know about you supposing you are a philanthropist. Through your support, people in your locality or neighborhood might just benefit thanks to your involvement and that of many other well-wishers. If you are however quick to send your contributions away, people in your area needing real help may not get it.

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