How to Choose Reputable Charity Firms to Donate to Today


People are encouraged to give and help the less fortunate regardless of whether they have in plenty or not. Giving according to Timothy Iberger helps improve the comfort of life of people living in less fortunate communities and it besides makes you feel good as a philanthropist knowing you helped make a difference. There are now numerous organizations expecting you to join their course and donate however all of that will depend on whether their objectives and your visions align. For those savvy to the process, confusion could easily kick in on the organizations to donate to. Read on below to understand the criterion to use for finding the right charitable organization to work with.

Are they legitimate?

This is definitely the top concern that anyone should have if they are to start making regular donations to charity organizations. You should not be a victim of the scam charity organizations that are after your donation which is the reason to do an intensive research first. Ascertain whether the organization has been registered as a non-profit organization first and foremost. The reviews of the company can also enlighten you on a number of things you need to know about the organization.

Their vision, mission and objectives

Giving does not come from the depth of the pocket but your heart. Philanthropists are therefore more focused on supporting courses that they believe in. This unfortunately means looking for a company that understands your objectives and shares in the same goals. Take your time to scrutinize their different programs and areas of reach to determine whether you are making the right choice. Giving from the bottom of your heart is always ideal because it knows no limits unlike giving because you have more.


Is the organization you want to donate to reliable and trustworthy? Transparency in how the donations are used or distributed in the unfortunate communities is necessary for accountability purposes. You can only be sure to be working with the real charity organization. A reliable organization will not hesitate to explain their fund’s usage and most importantly every party involved in the process until the benefits reach the intended destination. Reading the reviews of a company can also help you tell whether you can count on them or not. There are many legit organizations that will not mind giving you authentic donation receipts which is one of the factors determining their authenticity. The receipts can come in handy for your tax calculations and reliefs.

Founder’s syndrome is a red flag

In many charity organizations, watch out for the founder’s syndrome which mainly seeks to address the story of the founder of the organization. Such courses can be confusing and misleading to the donations that the organization is getting over time. There should be tangible proof of the efforts made in the past, the current plans and most importantly future aspiration. The course of the organization needs to be channeled towards improving the lives of the less fortunate and not enriching the founder’s course as most fraud organizations would do.

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