Things to Do before Donating Money to a Non-Profit Organization


Whoever wishes to donate money to non-profit organizations will be excited. So, they may miss some crucial actions that are necessary. Let us discuss a few things everyone should do before donating even a penny to a non-profit agency according to those who are doing it for several years like Timothy Iberger.

Ask your friends

You may know someone who is a donor to any non-profit organization. Else, some of your friends may have the contacts of those who do so. It is always clever to get advice from such people before donating to any institute. You never know whether the organization is using the money for charity or to develop their bank accounts. So, personal referrals can help in finding reliable NGOs and non-profits. You can even find partners in donation while doing so.

Search in online directories

A directory is a single platform where you can find almost all details about a particular organization. NGOs and non-profits will also be listed in such directories. As almost everyone uses a smartphone in this digital era, it will not be a tedious task for you to check a few such websites. If you are sure about the reliability of the directory, you can believe the listed organizations also. Some directories will offer info on the activities of the non-profits also. You can find people’s opinions or reviews about such organizations in the same directory.

Refer non-profit blogs

Blogging has become a crucial field after the arrival of the internet. You can find info on almost everything through blogs. So, you can find non-profit blogs from bloggers who have a huge following. Such bloggers will guide you genuinely as they will be conducting constant research in their niche. You can even contact some bloggers and enquire about the NGOs. All these media people will have a social media page to contact.

Check out the NGO website and their mission

Let us assume that you end up with a list of non-profit organizations through any of the above-mentioned sources. Now, you should check their websites. You can easily spot some fake organizations through their websites. Else, you will get detailed information on how the money is used and many more. It is better to check the mission of the organization. If your vision matches theirs’, you can instantly proceed with your donation. You will get an idea of their vision through their website.

Visit in-person

You should not fall for the attractive websites or social media pages of the so-called non-profits. Sometimes, you may end up donating digitally without even visiting the organization. You should never do that. It is always advisable to go to the organization in person and check their activities. You may be surprised in some cases where no such physical office is there. Such organizations are fake.

Ask for transparency

It is not a disgusting act to ask the non-profits to show how they spend the donations. Many people think like that and they avoid asking them. However, it is better to know the process for clarity.

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